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What does an

evaluation look like?

When I complete an evaluation with your child, I will look at any areas of concern in speech, spoken language, or written language. This assessment may include the following: 

  • Standardized assessments

  • Informal assessments 

  • Language sampling

  • Parent/caregiver checklists and input

  • Observations/observational checklists

  • Review of previous evaluations

I aim to make you and your child as comfortable as possible throughout the evaluation process! I will take time to build rapport before beginning more formal assessment procedures. You are welcome to remain with your child or have your child participate individually with me-- we can decide this together, based on your child's needs and preferences. I prioritize looking at your child as a whole, and recognize that testing is only one means of gaining information about a child’s skills! The overall purpose of this evaluation is to determine your child’s relevant strengths and needs, and to use this information to formulate an effective intervention plan for therapy.