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What is the process for initiating an evaluation and/or therapy for my child/adolescent?

The first step is to get in contact with Julia via email (, phone (484-228-1512), or by submitting an online contact form.

To learn more about the process for initiating services with SpeakChatRead, please click here.

What payment do you accept?


At this time, SpeakChatRead is a fee-for-service provider and payment is due at the time of service. I accept credit cards via a secure patient portal, cash, or checks. Private payment allows us to collaboratively determine the optimal service delivery model for your child rather than be limited by outside regulations. This also provides the opportunity for families to privately pay for services beyond what is offered through their school district, county, or insurance.  Please contact me for more information regarding my private pay rates for specific services.


Upon request, I can also provide you with a superbill to serve as an itemized record of services. You can then use this form to file for possible reimbursement from your insurance company. 

If you are concerned about the cost of private pay services, please contact me to discuss the wide range of service delivery options I can offer.

My child/teen was just evaluated in speech/language/reading at school or another clinic.  Do we still need a new evaluation?


I'm happy to read through any recent evaluation reports and discuss the results with you. As long as you feel that it accurately reflects your child and I feel that it contains all of the information that I need to develop an effective therapy plan, there is no need to schedule another evaluation.  We can then schedule a time to review my recommended intervention plan and get started right away with therapy! If you and I feel that a new evaluation would be beneficial to provide new information, we can certainly schedule that, as well.

How long is each session and how often are sessions provided?

The beauty of being a private practitioner is that this can be determined entirely by us!  I find that 45 minutes is often a good length for in-person sessions, while 30 minutes often works better for sessions held via telepractice.  However, this is absolutely adjusted based on each child’s needs. Similarly, I most often see students for therapy one time per week, but this can be increased or decreased depending on each child’s needs and the family’s desires.

What sets SpeakChatRead apart from other speech/language pathology providers?

One aspect of SpeakChatRead that is different from many other providers is the focus on both spoken and written language.  This is important for two main reasons: 


  1. Children with early language delays are more likely to have difficulties in reading and writing later on. Since we know this, we can start preventative intervention focusing on emergent literacy and reading/writing skills early! 

  2. Spoken language and written language have a reciprocal relationship - this means that if we improve one, we improve the other!  


To learn more about my philosophy on language and literacy, click here.


Another unique element of SpeakChatRead is that I am the owner and only speech-language pathologist at the practice. This means that your child will always work with me, and you will always interact directly with me! This allows for consistency, which promotes greater progress.

What are you doing to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 during your in-person sessions?

In addition to being fully vaccinated, I also sanitize materials prior to sessions and wear a face shield during therapy to help mitigate risk. I'm happy to discuss needs and comfort levels with individual families to provide a means of delivering both safe and effective therapy during the pandemic. 

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