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At SpeakChatRead, I provide complimentary consultations, comprehensive evaluations, and individualized therapy services in speech, language, and reading. My goal is to help your child or teen speak, chat, and read with confidence!

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I specialize in providing services in the following areas:


How we say sounds or words (speech), and how we use those words to communicate (language)
Targeted skills include:
  • Speech sound production/articulation

  • Phonology

  • Speech intelligibility

  • Speech fluency (stuttering)

  • Expressive language: use of language for communicating (e.g. grammar, word structure, vocabulary, functional communication)

  • Receptive language: understanding spoken language (e.g. listening comprehension, following directions) 

Taking the building blocks of speech and language 
and using them in social and functional contexts
Targeted skills include:

  • Communicating in ways that are appropriate for a particular social context

  • Changing communication to match the context or needs of the listener

  • Following rules for conversation and storytelling

  • Understanding/using nonverbal cues

  • Building and maintaining friendships

  • Solving social problems/getting along with others

Using written language (writing) and understanding written language (reading)
Targeted skills include:

  • Pre-reading and emergent literacy (e.g. phonological awareness) 

  • Reading (decoding and language comprehension)

  • Writing (spelling and written language organization)



Spoken Speech and Language
Social Language and Pragmatics
Written Language
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